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Just when you think the holidays have come to an end and the festive spirit put away until next year, January 1st brings more excitement to the New Year with the performance of the Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra. This ensemble is the largest, and most renowned gypsy orchestra in the world, and it is coming to Teatro Del Giglio. This orchestra features works by many well-known composers such as Rossini, Brahms, and Strauss Tchaikovsky, as well as a special tribute to the famous Giacomo Puccini.


Stay at Villa Michaela for a fabulous night at Teatro Del Giglio, take part in the celebrations in various local towns and villages and try some authentic Tuscan cuisines.

Cultural highlights of the month include, as part of the Opera and Prose season at Teatro del Giglio, productions of Ensemble Berlin by Peppe Servillo (January 8th), Orlando Furioso by Horace Armrests (January 14th) and The Magic Flute by Emanuel Schikaneder (January 20th & 21st) Click here for more information. If you are staying at Villa Michaela we can secure tickets for you.

Alternatively attend an opera recital of the best arias from Puccini, Verdi and Mozart at the beautiful oratorio of the Museo della Cattedrale, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night; Puccini e La Sua Lucca.

After all this cultural and culinary feasting, whirl up to Abetone for some skiing or take some time to relax and start the New Year with walks in the crisp country air or cycling on Lucca’s famed mediaeval walls before returning to Villa Michaela to relax with a glass of wine.

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