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Welcome to Villa Michaela

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 Private Villa Rental

Experience true Tuscany at Villa Michaela.

Immerse yourself inCooking, Culture, Art, Music and Weddings.
Villa Michaela is an amazing retreat in the countryside of Lucca, where you and your guests can experience life disconnected from the rush, while still benefiting from excellent high speed WIFI.


A picturesque, eccentric and historic atmosphere from the 18th Century,
with all modern facilities surrounds your stay.

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We Offer

  1. Weddings

  2. Experience the true Tuscany through our weekly programs. Music, Culture, Art, Cuisine, Tennis, Fitness etc

  3. Private weekly rental.

  4. Short Stays.

  5. Film and Fashion Shoots

Upcoming Events

We have some fabulous events at Villa Michaela in the coming months.
Scroll down to find out more.

Culture Cuisine Retreat in the Tuscan Hills

The Rhode School of Cuisine invites you to a picturesque and historic tuscan retreat for a week of Tuscan touring culinary delight with a day in the Famed Cinque Terre
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Past Events

Platinum Jubilee Concert at Villa Michaela

In celebration of the 70 year reign of Queen Elizabeth 11


Traditional   English music and readings  with an operatic performance by Olympia Hetherington mezzo soprano.


We stand with Ukraine  .  Siamo tutti Ucraini.


A generous contribution from Villa Michaela will be made to   " Caritas " to  help care for  Ukranian refugee families staying in Lucca and all funds will remain in Lucca.

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