Lo Scompiglio

Contemporary arts centre where musicians, performers and dancers create their work in a rural setting. Featuring permanent installations and a calendar of performances and events throughout the year.

Via Francigena

Follow in the footsteps of the pilgrims who travelled down the Italian peninsula. 

Sailing Versilia

 See the bottlenose dolphins, absorb the colours of the Cinque Terre villages, or visit some of the islands and inlets this wonderful coastline has to offer…

Lucca Summer Music Festival

Annual festival. Elton John headlines 2019.

Dates normally run though June and July.

Hot Air Balloning

Take an air balloon ride and gaze upon  the sights of Tuscany from the skies. A wonderful opportunity to capture some amazing photographs.

Puccini Concerts Torre del Lago

Puccini composed some of his masterpieces at his Torre del Lago Villa. In tribute to the great maestro, the annual Festival Puccini presents his great heroines.

Golfing at Versilia

An exclusive golf resort immersed in the greenery, in the heart of Versilia, set between the mountains and the sea, with a varied 18-hole course

Wine Tasting

Go Wine tasting at one of our partner vineyards in the local wine region of Montecarlo. Or venture further afield to the famed region of Chianti

Puccini e la sua Lucca

Enjoy aperativo in a beautiful historical piazza followed by an hour or two of Opera at one of the stunning churches in medieval Lucca

Horse Riding

Enjoy the evocative Tuscan landscape by horseback. A trek out to sunset, from the hills at the foot of the Franciscan trails to the Versilian sea...

Pistoia Blues Festival July

The annual Pistoia Blues Festival is set in the charming Piazza Duomo.

Visit Villa Puccini, Torre del Lago

From the 26th May to 22nd September 2018 you can book a tour to see inside the Villa where Puccini was inspired to write many of his masterpieces.

Every year on September 7, the Festa della Rificolona takes place in Florence to celebrate the birth of the Virgin Mary. A delightful event, ideal for families.

Perhaps Italy’s most famous annual sporting event, Siena’s Palio is as much about pageantry, civic identity and Sienese pride as it is about the horse race. 2nd July and 16th August 2018

Lucca Biennale, the biggest event in the world on Paper Art, Design and Architecture. Exhibitions, monumental sculptures, workshops and many other events dedicated to the world of paper. August to September 2018

Olive Oil Tasting

After a long day in the Italian sunshine why not sample some of  the various distinctive local olive oils.The 

Lucca region is renowned for its DOP, or ‘protected destination of origin’ olive oils which are harvested only in specific locations.

Perfumery Workshop

Immerse your senses in a boutique perfumery workshop. Options are available both in personal perfumery and in the design and creation of ambient scents.

Termes and Spas

Rich in an array of minerals, the thermal waters of Italy are considered to have endless health and beauty benefits. Enjoy  spa treatments - from massages to mud baths, saunas to beauty treatments.


Calcio Storico Fiorentino

Calcio Storico is an ancient form of football from the 16th century,and is played in teams of 27, using both feet and hands. The winning team is presented with a Chianina cow, one of the oldest breeds of cow in existence. 9 to 24th June

Lucca Luminaria

Immerse your senses in a boutique perfumery workshop. Options are available both in personal perfumery and in the design and creation of ambient scents.