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Wedding Enquiries

In order for us to give you a more accurate estimated quote for your wedding at Villa Michaela, please send us an email.
The more information you are able to provide the better.



MARCH 1st - 31st

APRIL 1st - 28th

MAY 8th - 26th

JUNE 15th - 24th

JULY 8th - 11th and 24th - 31st

AUGUST 1st - 4th, 9th - 18th and 22nd - 25th

SEPTEMBER 19th - 27th, 30th

OCTOBER 1st - 5th, 10th - 13th and 18th - 31st

NOVEMBER 1st - 30th

DECEMBER 1st - 31st




Our exclusive venue hire cost includes 3 nights accommodation for 35 adults + 4 kids/teenagers and use of the entire estate. It is up to you to decide whether to pass on the cost of the rooms to your guests. There is floor plan in our website and our superior rooms are as follows: Dante (bridal room), Camelia, Azzurra, Limonaia, Nottolini and Verdi.

We assume that the bridal party would take the best rooms and your guests can pay us directly.

No breakfast, catering, food, wine, music, flowers, wedding organising cost is included in this hire cost.

Please note that we require a 3 night minimum rental in order to hold a wedding at Villa Michaela.



If your guests would like to prolong their stay with us, please ask them to email us directly.



- 5 minutes walk: Il Rio di Vorno, Art Gallery B&B Vorno, Casa Joanna Tuscany

- 10 minutes by car: Villa Marta



Served for 90 minutes at a time specified by the client but not after 11a.m.

Tea, coffee, orange juice, herbal tea, decaffeinated coffee, plain yogurt, honey, jams and Nutella, croissant, whole grain bred, milk, fresh fruit, muesli and cereal, sliced ham and cheese, and eggs.



If you are arriving in a big group of around 30 we suggest you get the people mover to Pisa station, which leaves every 5 minutes from the airport. We can arrange a large coach to collect you from outside Pisa station. This is because tourist buses are not allowed at Pisa airport.

We have an ample parking at the Villa for at least 20 cars.

We also have a very efficient village taxis service available at all times.



All over Italy there is a law prohibiting music after midnight, but we can apply for an extension until 1a.m. However we have a downstairs party room for late night music, which is more or less soundproof, for about 50 people.



- We have an excellent family run trattoria called Il Bimbotto

5 minutes walk from Villa Michaela. They will do you a huge table with a pre ordered dinner and all our guests love walking down our little lane for this very typical Tuscan experience. The food is typical Lucchese pasta, amazing pizza and the famous Bistecca Fiorentina.

- Sunset walk for dinner at Lo Scompiglio

This is a 20 minute walk off road along the Rio di Vorno “river” to a stunning restaurant with great views over vineyards, organic gardens and the Apuan Alps. It is the best place at all to see the sunset.

- Day trip to Lucca

For those without rented car there is a morning bus from the village square next to the Villa, to Lucca 5km away. It would be a tragedy to come to Villa Michaela and not cycle around the walls of Lucca!



If you buy your own wine or any drink from a supermarket or local producers the Villa will charge €7 a bottle corkage.

​​(In the unfortunate event of travel to Tuscany being in any way prevented by Government restrictions due to Covid 19 all deposits will be immediately refunded. Valid for events booked for 2022 and 2023.)

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